To convey general questions or thoughts or comments, send me a note at g and then m and then mone, all one word, at And if you’re interested in a school visit, please send me a note, or contact Zade Educational Partners at

5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Mr. Miller's Class: Alena, Maggie S., Nicholas, Meaghan, Jacob S., Gregory, Jacob A., Julia, Devon, Stephanie, Aidan, Luis, Audrey, Mackenzie, Zoe, Isabella, Paul, Maggie B., Cora, Tommy, Daliza and Tristan

    Thanks Greg! Our class thought your presentation was awesome, amazing, outstanding and fun. We hope you can come and see us again when we are all in fifth grade.

    1. Bill and I were throwing around different possibilities, and since I love writing about kids who build amazing things in real life, we thought it would be fun to base a story around some truly exceptional kids with the same passions.

  2. Hey greg, Im from Bigelow and I wanted to know your email address so I could send you my story i’m working on. Please reply to this comment for I would be very grateful and leave your email address.


    1. Hi, Anthony. You should be able to figure out my email address by reading the contact page. I don’t like to spell out the full address on the page, because then the robots get my address and start sending spam.

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