Both Atlantis books are now available! I’m excited about this little series. The books are fun and fast-paced adventures to a hidden undersea world, packed with cool science and wild tech, and ideal for kids ages eight and up.

Why write a book about Atlantis? Well, I first had the idea while walking on the beach several years ago, picking up plastic trash. If Atlantis existed, I figured, then the Atlanteans would be furious with us, given what we’re doing to the oceans. So I started thinking and plotting and planning…

…and then the big Aquaman movie was released, and I watched it nervously, and was very, very relieved that the DC Comics version of Atlantis looked nothing like the one I was envisioning. I’d already decided against mermen and superpowers, for example. The Atlanteans in my story would need to have some pretty amazing technology, though…

…and it’s all in the finished book, which follows an Atlantean girl who’s desperate to find out if there’s life on the surface, and a small crew of Sun People, including Hanna and Lewis (pictured below), as they venture down to the supposedly mythical world. Their visit to Atlantis is mistaken for an invasion and adventure ensues. I hope you get a chance to read it!


“A fascinating twist on the Atlantis legend. Filled with action, adventure, and a great deal of heart.”— Stuart Gibbs, New York Times bestselling author of the Spy School series

“Features expeditious pacing, ample secrets, and imaginative science and tech creations that are zippy indeed”— Kirkus Reviews

“A triumph! The book is smart, current, compelling, funny, and full of heart. There is so much to love. The premise is brilliant. I love the characters (especially those who transform into heroes as the adventure unfolds) and the interactions between those of two worlds . . . The plotting and pacing of the novel are perfect, the suspense and adventure never waver.  Still, one of my favorite elements of the story is its humor.”— Christopher Rose, Andover Bookstore (Andover, MA)

Atlantis: the Accidental Invasion is sure to be a hit with readers and teachers. The kids will appreciate the blend of humor, science, and speculation, all wrapped up in an undersea adventure. Teachers can use it to open up class discussions about our oceans and inspire great “what if” scenarios.”— Kristine Jelstrom-Hamill, Buttonwood Books (Cohasset, MA)

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