The Truth About Santa


Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus travels around the globe in a single night? How he knows what we want, and whether we’ve been bad or good? How he’s managed to survive all these years on a diet of milk and cookies?

Well, I have. Maybe a little too much. The Truth About Santa: Wormholes, Robots, and What Really Happens on Christmas Eve explains every detail of Santa’s operation. Old Kris Kringle is not a magician. He has at his disposal some of the most advanced technology in the universe, including wormhole travel tunnels, metamaterial-enhanced holiday clothes, flying surveillance drones, and a team of cloned elves with unmatched software-engineering skills. In detailing the technical and scientific aspects of his operation, The Truth About Santa answers all of the major questions about Santa, and should erase any doubts concerning his existence.

A word to the interested, though: This is not really a kids’ book. I suppose it should have been, but when I thought up this idea, I had not started writing for kids yet. Listen here as I talk about the book on NPR, or click through here for some more recent posts on the science of Santa. And you could also buy a copy here if you’d like.

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